The Morticians

Amica Hunter is a bunch of thoughts and feelings trapped in a sack of wet bone-studded meat, just like everybody else, but maybe with extra feelings. Her career as a clown leads her to travel, a lot. She considers herself raging radical intersectional feminist (BLM), and all-purpose wierdo. Her interests include but are not limited to, dead things, bad movies, tree climbing, naps, making art, and; stupid dancing. She has misophonia, so don’t ever eat popcorn near her.

Hekate V. Nichols is adventurous weasel floating between naïveté and cynicism. A roller-blading contradiction, who spends her nights nicking her hands up with the keen edged pieces of a shattered dream and contemplating gluing them back together as some sort of resplendently morbid cacophony of thought.